Timeline of KGA

From the FCC microfiche files, August 26, 1994. Transcribed by Xen Scott

  • 2/4/27 Date first licensed. The licensee was Northwest Radio Service Co., Spokane, WA.
  • 4/23/27 Granted a T.P. for 880kc with 5kw.
  • 6/1/27 Granted a license for 1150kc with 2kw.
  • 11/11/28 Reallocated to 1470kc with 5kw.
  • 10/2/29 Invol. assign. of lic. to Ralph A. Horr, receiver of Northwest Radio Service Co.
  • 12/2/29 Vol. assign. of lic. to Northwest Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • 6/21/32 Granted Direct Crystal Control.
  • 8/25/33 Vol. assign. of lic. to Louis Wasmer.
  • 6/1/34 Granted auth. to operate on 900kc, 1kw, 2.5kw LS, experimentally, pending decision regarding KSEI appeal.
  • 4/8/35 Experimental auth. terminated. Operation continued on 1470kc with 5kw.
  • 3/24/41 Under NARBA, they were granted 1510kc with 5kw.
  • 6/24/41 Granted a C.P. for 1510kc, 10kw DA-N.
  • 1/23/42 Granted Special Auth. to operate with 5kw Non-Directional pending completion of construction.
  • 2/20/42 Granted auth. to operate at 4102 Regal St., Spokane, with 10kw-D, 5kw-N, DA-1, using temporary phasing equip. for the period 2/20/42 to 3/21/42, with cond.
  • 7/14/42 Granted a lic. to cover the C.P. for 1510kc, 10kw DA-N.
  • 3/21/44 Vol. assign. of lic. to John C. Kendall, Archibald W. Witherspoon & Eustace LeMaster jointly and/or several, Attorney-in-fact for a period not to exceed six month after cessation of hostilities or licensee's separation from armed service.
  • 6/20/47 Granted a C.P. for 50kw DA-N. License to cover the C.P., as modified, granted 8/30/48.
  • 8/24/49 Vol. assign. of lic. to The Corp. of Gonzaga Univ., Spokane WA.
  • 5/27/53 Vol. assign. of lic. to Bankers Life and Casualty Co.
  • 12/18/57 Vol. assign. of lic. to Gran Broadcasting Co.
  • 9/27/61 Vol. transfer of cont. of lic. corp. to Bankers Life and Casualty Co.
  • 1/12/68 Vol. assign. of lic. to Liddie Broadcasting Corp.
  • 10/21/70 Vol. transfer of cont. of lic. corp. to Monroe Broadcasting Co.
  • 9/18/80 By telegram from Commission, message sent saying "Understand you operated in non-directional mode during nighttime hours on 9/11/80, to continue service, due to failure in directional array. Temp. auth. granted [to] continue nighttime non-directional operation, but with power reduced as much as possible, to facilitate repairs. Understand repairs can be accomplished in a few days at most. Subsequent auth. granted if necessary to operate [with] parameters at variance while maintaining monitor points within lic. limits. Notify when normal and give details of repairs Understand written request forthcoming. This auth. expires 9/19/80."
  • 3/4/81 Vol. assign. of lic. to Community Spokane Broadcasting Corp.

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