QSLs from KFPY and KXLY

Compiled and edited by Bill Harms - updated 13 July 2005

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QSL received by an Derek Wharton for a Christmas Day 1931 reception. Frequency was 1340 kcs and the power was 1000 watts. (CPRV)

John T Tweedie of Oakhurst, New Jersey earned this QSL in 1933. (CPRV)

Carroll Weyrich heard KFPY in December 1933 and received this QSL card for a reception report. (CPRV)

This QSL afixed with an EKKO stamp was earned by an unnamed DXer in 1936. (CPRV)

KFPY 890 22 February 1939 Norm Maguire. (CPRV)

A KFPY QSL from 26 February 1944. 920 kHz (CPRV)

An unnamed DXer earned this QSL in 1947. (CPRV)

KXLY 18 January 1947. Unknown DXer. 920 kHz. Old KFPY QSL with KXLY annotated on card. (CPRV)

12 February 1947. Unknown DXer. 920 kHz. Old KFPY QSL with KXLY annotated on card. (CPRV)

A KXLY QSL earned by an unnamed DXer in 1948. (CPRV)

Roy Millar, 20 February 1954.

Pat Martin received this QSL when he lived in Seward, Alaska in 1965 and in Seaside in 1967. The verie signer in both cases was Chief Engineer, George Langford.
(Courtesy of Pat Martin)

KXLY QSL received by the author when he lived in Utah in 1978.

The following at KXLY QSLs and promotional material was received by Pat Martin in 1982.
(Courtesy of Pat Martin)

NOTE: The images annotated with CPRV means they came from the Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications (CPRV) Collection, Courtesy of the Library of American Broadcasting, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Other images not so designated are directly from the collector unless otherwise noted.